I should have taken S’More pictures! That is the title that Ellie came up with for this blog post.  I love it when my kids help me with the creative stuff!

As you can see, we brought Cooper the Wonder Dog along with us to the Washington Coast.  We spent 3 days at Seabrook with my sister and her family.  This place was spectacular!  Cute, charming houses (with all the new conveniences but old world charm), a short walk to the beach, community fire pits, an indoor pool, quaint shops and cruiser bikes all over the place.  When Joelle was putting this trip in her calendar she couldn’t remember the name Seabrook so she put it down as Pleasantville.  Such a perfect description!

All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone and fixed with Snapseed.  (If the picture doesn’t have my name on the bottom you can safely assume it’s an iPhone picture.)  I did bring my backup camera but it was way more fun to go over the pictures in my phone every night and pick my favorites.  And much less daunting when I got home too!  (I will post the camera pictures soon.  There are some fun beach shots.)