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    I began photographing children in black and white in 2000, shortly before the birth of my second daughter.

    Since that time, I have upgraded my equipment, refined my technique, and picked up some new tricks for working with children – but my style hasn’t changed. I like to take pictures that are natural, unposed, and informal. I focus on faces and tend to shoot close-ups. My goal is to capture the little things that represent who the child is in this moment, to bring back memories of a silly face, a fit of the giggles, a particular facial expression or hand position, or a spontaneous hug between siblings.

    I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life. I currently live in Issaquah with my husband and our three daughters, who keep me on my toes and give me lots of opportunities to try out new photography ideas!

    Thank you for your interest.



Tree Farm 2014-108_blogI have been going to the tree farm owned by Allen’s family for about 25 years.  In all of that time we have had snow maybe 3 times and it is always magical.  When we woke up on our tree hunt day we were amazed to see that it was snowing and that we already had quite a bit on the ground.  It was not sticking to the roads, though, so driving was not a problem.

Unfortunately the snow was spotty and while it may have been totally snowy 15 minutes from the tree farm, there was no snow at all at the farm.  That’s okay because it was sunny and beautiful and we had a great time.

This year’s bunch was much smaller than normal but we had a great time!  AND, Allen’s Mom, Wanda, came this year.  She is often too busy to come out to the farm while we are there so it was special to have her there and I took full advantage with my camera.

Here are my favorite pictures…

Tree Farm 2014-100_blogTree Farm 2014-101_blog

Tree Farm 2014 2-100_blog

Tree Farm 2014-109_blogTree Farm 2014-112_blog

Tree Farm 2014-105_blogTree Farm 2014-110_blogTree Farm 2014-114_blog


All Kinds of Ugly


Every year we base our holiday card on how our beloved Washington Huskies football team does.  This year we had high hopes for our Dawgs but it turned ugly fairly early and we were left trying to figure out how to depict that.  Don’t get me wrong, we did win 8 games this year.  It was just the way we won some of those and how we lost the others that was disappointing.

With that in mind we brainstormed over many dinners and the girls suggested that if the Huskies were going to play badly maybe we should make a bad looking holiday card.  Hmmm….I like it.  I gathered the props, pulled up good examples of ugly as inspiration and then we shot the card.  Jill then took the best image and did all of the major Photoshopping (nice verb!) to make sure the lasers and floating cat head looked just right.  We threw as much ugly at is as we could think of!

And then, just because some of these cards go to my clients I had to redeem myself with the back.  It is so weird for me to deliberately make my kids look ugly and then send that out to clients.  I was happy to share a ‘nice’ picture of my girls on the back.


And there you have it.  The Enebo Holiday Card 2014.

Lucy, Clara, Dayle & Violet | Family Portraits


This is a special family.  One of the perks of this job is that I have plenty of pictures of my own girls.  (That’s called practice!)  One of the perks for my Sales Guru, Kristi is that SHE gets pictures of her girls too!

Even though Kristi has seen a ton of our client’s pictures in the new studio she had never been there herself.  It was fun to show off the new space to her and to get some pictures of her beautiful girlies there.

Here are my favorites…


Taylor and Macy | Family Portraits


I’m struggling with what to write about this family.  They are so funny (all of them, seriously) and so giving (volunteering in our community is MORE than a full time job for them) that I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s just suffice it to say that I’m honored that they picked me to take their pictures and loved spending time with them to take them.

It’s always a compliment when another photographer chooses you to take their family pictures.  And it’s also nerve racking!  Jenell and I  have been trying to sync our schedules and sometimes it’s the last minute that works the best.  At least I didn’t have too long to get nervous!  This actually isn’t the first time I’ve photographed them.   I photographed them them when Taylor was just a baby and Macy wasn’t even a twinkle!  The good news is they came back anyway.  (I didn’t actually know how to use my camera at that point.  I knew how to compose a picture and push a button.)  We have both come a long way!

Here are my favorites…


Liam, Rowan & Elliott | Family Portraits

KfFam-100_WEBThese brothers are pretty amazing.  When you have a two year old in the mix things can get a little dicey.  Somehow pictures have to become their idea or they won’t turn out well.  Incredibly, as soon as Liam and Rowan walked in the studio they sat right down (in the perfect spot I might add) and started smiling.  Even when I wanted to take pictures of just Liam (biggest brother), Rowan (middle brother) did not want to move.  He didn’t want to be excluded.  THEN they were thrilled when they figured out they got to hold their baby brother too.  Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more!

Liam turned out to be an excellent assistant for me too.  Baby Elliott loved it when he made funny faces so he straddled my back when I was photographing him on the floor and snuggled in close to me when I was photographing him on the bed.  All without being asked!  I have no idea what Meghan and Will feed their children to make them so agreeable, but I’d love to get some for my own kids!

Here are my favorites…




Just one more because I love how Elliott is as surprised as the rest of us at how cute he looks in his bear cozy!