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    I began photographing children in black and white in 2000, shortly before the birth of my second daughter.

    Since that time, I have upgraded my equipment, refined my technique, and picked up some new tricks for working with children – but my style hasn’t changed. I like to take pictures that are natural, unposed, and informal. I focus on faces and tend to shoot close-ups. My goal is to capture the little things that represent who the child is in this moment, to bring back memories of a silly face, a fit of the giggles, a particular facial expression or hand position, or a spontaneous hug between siblings.

    I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life. I currently live in Issaquah with my husband and our three daughters, who keep me on my toes and give me lots of opportunities to try out new photography ideas!

    Thank you for your interest.

Getting Down and Dirty

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-3

We had Jill’s birthday party last weekend on her actual birthday.  What a treat!  Ellie and Kate and I came up with the theme in December and fully planned it out.  We were either going to go with fluffy pink unicorns or a driving/cars theme.  Since Henry Fernstrom’s birthday had been done up with the unicorns we decided to be unique.  (Plus fluffy and pink NEVER describe Jill!)

Given that I was still attached to an icing matching and taking pain medications I had to sit out on the sidelines for this.  Ellie and Kate made and decorated the brownies themselves.  They were awesome!  They also did 90 percent of the decorating on the day of the party and took the detail pictures to document it.  I think I may be passing the birthday party baton on soon!

Just for some extra information…we used chalkboard paper as a runner on the table and drew a road on it.  Then we left extra pens around the table so the kids could draw and leave messages.  (THAT was a big hit!)  We had cones to hold up the traffic like cakes and chocolate cars driving all over the road.  The scavenger hunt prizes were flashlight key chains and matchbox cars.

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-1Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-6Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-2

I should have had the girls take pictures at the party too.  I was the photographer for those and my drug addled brain forgot to take a picture of all of the attendees together.  Seriously?  That’s always our favorite picture and I totally forgot.  I’ve been kicking myself all week!  Sigh…

Allen did a great job coming up with driving related clues.  The kids had to run all around the house and neighborhood finding clues like ‘The next clue can be found where you can’t change lanes and must have your lights on..’  The clue was hidden in the tunnel at the tunnel park.

Fortunately the weather cooperated while the kids were outside and didn’t rain on them.  Unfortunately it had rained at least two inches in the hours before the party.  In their enthusiasm to find a clue some of the group ran ahead.  It was dark, down a hill and apparently as slippery as banana peels.  Poor Colin slid most of the way down the hill on his backside and Ellie was soon to follow.  Good thing he’s a good sport ANDthis was the beginning of the party so we had time to wash his pants!

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-9Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-10Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-2-1

This is Jill SIGNING, not singing, Happy Birthday.

This is Jill SIGNING, not singing, Happy Birthday.


Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-2-4After dinner Jill and her friends played games and watched videos while the rest of us retreated upstairs.  If the laughter was any indication this was a highly successful party!  Jill has found herself a great posse of friends so it was a pleasure to host them.  Perhaps next year we will have all her friends bring an extra change of clothes just in case we include a mud slip and slide in next year’s scavenger hunt too!

One last picture to show the gifts Jill got from us for her birthday.  The sheep shirt (this kid seldom loves an item of clothing so we jumped on this one) and the signet ring.  I got one for my 16th birthday so I had to pass down this tradition!

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah Jill Party 2015-7


Sweet 16

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah-2_WEB

Yes, you read that title right.  Jill is 16.  Or she will be on Sunday!  When I was 16 I was so much older, right?  Or at least I thought I was. Jill is still my baby!  But a baby who can drive (she gets her actual license in early March because of permitting but she has passed her tests and is ready to go).

Well I messed up.  I thought I had planned everything out to a T for her birthday but the one thing I did not do is write Jill’s birthday blog post.  You would think that with all this time lying around I would have plenty of time to come up with something eloquent but honestly I’ll be lucky if I get the letters in the right order!

Things I love about this girl:  Her passion, her heart, her motivation, her creativity, her nurturing, her laugh, her curls, her polka dot eye.  (I will stop now because my thoughts are going towards the ridiculous like how I love her uber neat room, etc.)

Here are my favorite pictures for our photo shoot.  I even managed to rope here best friend Madison into being in a few!

 Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah-4_WEBFamily Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah-5_WEBFamily Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah-1_WEBFamily Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah-7_WEB


Let It Go


Have you seen that new TV commercial for National Rental Car?  The main character talks about how he is not a Control Freak but a Control Enthusiast.  Yup, that’s me!

A few weeks ago I got together with my Mommy’s group.  Sounds strange, right, since my kids are soon to be 16, 14 and 11?  This is the group I joined 16 years ago when Jill was a wee babe.  We still get together a few times a year, just the Moms.   I’m so lucky.

This year one of the Mom’s asked ‘What is one thing you would like more of this year?’  What a question!  How to answer this…hmmmm.

What I realized is that I don’t need more of anything, I need less.  I need less control. Since Thanksgiving I think God has been showing me how little control I have.  I keep trying to make plans.  I have big ideas and always plan things out in my head and more often than not the plans are changing at the last minute.  Some are small things but some are quite big.  With my Dad’s illness we have to play everything by ear because we are never sure what he will be up for.  We must have replanned Christmas four times and in the end my nephew got the stomach flu and we had to reschedule AGAIN on the day we’d originally planned.  See?  Not in control!

In a few days I am going to have knee surgery.  I found out a few months ago that I’d ruptured my ACL the last time I played soccer.  Talk about being out of control.  I’m going to need help just getting off the couch!  Even though I could have done the surgery sooner the control freak in me wanted to wait until after my busy season and after the holidays.  It’s actually kind of rediculous how much advance planning I have done for this surgery.  I’ve researched tips for how to set myself up for success, I made doubles of every meal I made in December and put them in the freezer for Allen to serve later, I’ve already planned and purchased everything I will need for Jill’s birthday party (her sisters will do the decorating and cake baking the day of) and I’ve already taken her birthday pictures  (her birthday is mid January) and wrapped her presents.  I have planned tons of projects that I can do while sitting and set them up so they will be easy to reach and complete.

Kind of ridiculous right?  Why have I driven myself crazy like that?  In reality I have no idea how this is going to turn out so I really need to stop visualizing so I won’t end up disappointed or worried or bonkers.

The trendy thing right now is to choose a word or phrase at the beginning of the year and let that be your mantra.  Let it be your guide.  This year my phrase is going to be Let it Go.  (I know you are all singing the song right now.  I apologize.)  I like to picture myself releasing the bear hug I have on everything and doing the Nestea plunge.  (I picked that visual because that always looked fun to me!)  That doesn’t mean that I am going to stop planning for the future, that would be silly and so against my nature that I’d be setting myself up for failure to even think it!  What I really want to do is be better about going with the flow.  Seizing the opportunity when life throws me a curve ball instead of stressing myself out recalculating and replanning.  I want to see the beauty in spontaneity and embrace it’s excitement.  Who knows what new things will come into my life when I stop looking so far into the future.

If you see me walking around this year in a tense fog or hugging myself too tightly feel free to yell Let It Go!  It will be nice to have you all keeping me honest.

(Posts are going to be light this month because…I’m letting it go!)

Christmas 2014


This year my in-laws graciously let us host Christmas at our house.  What a treat to have them come and stay with us!  We started our holiday by volunteering at church.  We got to be candle lighters and ushers and it was fun to see the kids helping out in those roles.

Christmas morning started at a respectable 7:30am.  (Although I was awake earlier and could hardly wait for the creatures to stir!)  This year I did a horrible job at taking pictures.  So bad that you don’t get to see most of the Santa gifts.  The big guy brought Ellie some sheets for her new bed, Jill got a bunch of Dr. Who items and Kate got a quadcopter.

Christmas 2014-4

We had a fun time opening all of the creative gifts.  The girls, in particular, were so thoughtful with their choices.  For example, Jill got me a blanket to keep me cozy after my knee surgery, Ellie got me a YOU ROCK mug and Kate got me a new water bottle.  I love them all!

Christmas 2014Christmas 2014-3Christmas 2014-2

Allen and I were not as creative as we thought.  Apparently great minds think alike as we got each other the same thing.  This new thermostat is awesome.  Allen loves the new gadget and I love that I can change the thermostat from my phone.


For the second year in a row Jill and Ellie gave each other ALMOST the same thing.  This year it was geeky T-shirts they bot love.


One of the most fun gifts the girls received was a bluetooth disco speaker from Dubs and Grandpa.  It was a party in a box!

IMG_2612 2

The last gift under the tree was addressed to everybody and elicited the best reaction.  Allen and I bought tickets to see Straight No Chaser on the 26th.  There was dancing and smiling and that was only just after they opened the box!

The concert was fantastic and a highlight for all of us.



Here is the lame part.  On the 27th we celebrated Christmas with my family and I did not take a single picture.  Not one.  And nobody else did either.  I think that this year we all wanted to be present and relish the moment.  Appreciating all of the moments we have together is really the greatest gift of all.

Whew, despite a broken computer and severe lack of pictures I managed to slip this post in at the last second.  Happy New Year all.  Stay safe and I’ll see you in 2015.

Holiday Fun


I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to my blog this month.  And I am totally good with that!  We are having all sorts of fun and cherishing time with family.

There will be some Christmas posts after Christmas (naturally) but don’t expect too many updates.  We are having a hard time tearing ourselves away from binge watching Gilmore Girls.

Merry Christmas!