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    I began photographing children in black and white in 2000, shortly before the birth of my second daughter.

    Since that time, I have upgraded my equipment, refined my technique, and picked up some new tricks for working with children – but my style hasn’t changed. I like to take pictures that are natural, unposed, and informal. I focus on faces and tend to shoot close-ups. My goal is to capture the little things that represent who the child is in this moment, to bring back memories of a silly face, a fit of the giggles, a particular facial expression or hand position, or a spontaneous hug between siblings.

    I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life. I currently live in Issaquah with my husband and our three daughters, who keep me on my toes and give me lots of opportunities to try out new photography ideas!

    Thank you for your interest.

Ronan & Nora | Birthday Portraits


I love that Kelli brings her kids in every year so we can capture their birthday portraits.  Lucky for us that one has a birthday in June and the other in November. That is the perfect spacing!

This time it was Ronan’s birthday we were celebrating.  I took Kelli’s maternity pictures six years ago to the day and she had him just one week later.  Talk about getting it in under the wire!

These kids are so charming and creative!  The picture below was set up completely by them.  Nora had a big idea about a 3 Bears picture with all these chairs in my studio.  Kelli and I decided this would be a really fun way to make a baby announcement.  But let me be clear that they are NOT announcing anything other than Nora’s awesome creativity!


Here are my favorites…


I hope you aren’t sick of jammie pictures yet because kids look so cute on this bed.  Especially in bright colored jammies!


Sometimes You Just Need a Break | Family Portraits

Dziedzic Family-102_blog

Last week Tyler came to see me for the first time.  I was excited and his mom Chelsea was excited but Tyler didn’t get the memo.  He was just one week short of being two and he was not sure about all of the attention we were pouring down on him, mostly couched in weird commands.  ’Tyler look over here!’  ’Tyler, why don’t you sit right here?’  ’Tyler lets sing a song!’

Too much attention led to too many tears.  In fact, it led to a complete melt down…poor little man!

Dziedzic Family-108_blog

Never fear, though.  This is not my first meltdown.  Sometimes it’s best to just call a full retreat and come back another day, but I thought if we were patient enough Tyler might come around.  In fact, what we really needed to do is have a nice conversation that didn’t involve him at all.  We left him out completely.  Amazingly, when the klieg light of attention we’d been blasting him with was turned off Tyler had a chance to calm down…and then realize that it’s kind of fun to be part of the action.

Sweet!  We were back in business.  Not only did we get to have a nice chat, but we got some fun pictures.  Here are my favorites…

Dziedzic Family-105_blogDziedzic Family-101_blog

Dziedzic Family-106_blog

And one more picture that made me giggle.  Just when I thought I would do boudoir photography…

Dziedzic Family-103_blog

Please Stop Now!


This is happening far too frequently and I need it to stop…NOW!  Kids that I’ve known forever are showing up for photo sessions looking completely different.  Not just taller (although that is shocking in and of itself), but older and wiser looking.  More manly.  Nooooo!

I remember when these guys were all in elementary school and now NONE of them are.  Sigh…

Here are my favorites of one of my favorite families…


And one more that Lynn didn’t want taken but I insisted…because she looks so GOOD!  (You are welcome Lynn, now you have a new profile picture!)


Claire, Colin & Chloe | Family Portraits

McNichols Family-104_WEB

This family has had so many new and exciting things happen since I photographed them last year.  First off they had a new baby.  Miss Chloe joined their family six months ago and she couldn’t be any cuter.  Honestly she was so easy and happy!

The other big new thing to happen to this family is that just a few weeks ago they moved into a new home.  I don’t often photograph families in their home because I only photograph with available light and it’s often hard to get enough light through a window to light a family.  This house does not quite have their curtains up yet so that provided the perfect amount of light.  And then Mother Nature cooperated and held off on the rain until 10 minutes after our photoshoot ended.  Perfect!

Here are my favorites for a little sneak peek for the family…

McNFam Blog-104_WEBMcNFam Blog-103_WEBMcNFam Blog-102_WEBMcNFam Blog-101_WEBMcNFam Blog-107_WEBMcNFam Blog-106_WEB

Super Halloween

Halloween 2014-103_WEB

This year Kate chose her Halloween costumer early.  She knew right away that she wanted to be The Black Widow from the Avengers.  That got the other girls thinking about Superheros too.  Turns out Kate’s costume was the easiest to buy off the shelf.  Halloween 2014-107_WEB

My one rule, when looking for costumes online, was that it could not have ‘Sassy’ or ‘Sexy’ in the title.  You have no idea how many costume sets that eliminated!  For that reason the girls had to build their own.  Jill had a polka dot skirt and dotty Converse so she just needed a Captain America shirt and fun striped socks.  (We just couldn’t take the intense serious pictures of Jill.  Totally NOT believable.  So you get to smiley ones!)

Halloween 2014-102_WEB

Ellie had the leggings and combat boots but she needed a Batman shirt, cool mask and black skirt.  (She went slightly over the $30 budget but we figure the skirt can be reused for Christmas.)

Halloween 2014-101_WEB

And here is one outtake from our impromptu, ‘Oh my gosh it’s not raining quick get outside with the camera and costumes.’ photoshoot.  Kate really wanted to try to get The Black Widow’s signature hair flip.  We really didn’t get it at all but this picture just cracked us up!

Halloween 2014-104_WEB