Legos for all my friends!

Have I said this already?  I have three girls and I got to throw a Lego party.  A lego party!  Who would have thunk it?  Another thing I never thought I would get to do?  Set up a sidewalk chalk activity for a February birthday.  It was warmer than 60 degrees on Ellie’s party day so we decorated the sidewalk while we waited for all of her friends to come.

We’d planned just a couple of Lego activities to do before dinner.  (Corndogs and Sunchips.  Can you tell this girl likes her dogs and chips?)  Mr. Fun, also known as Allen, made these games last forever.  Guess how many legos are in the jar took 15 minutes.  For seven girls to guess!  The best game, though, was the lego drop.  I thought the girls would drop a lego from their chin into a jar between their feet.  Not good enough.  Allen also had them drop a lego from the stair landing into that jar.  Then the second floor balcony into that jar.  (Is this reminding anybody else of the Michael Jordan, Larry Bird McDonalds ad?  Nothing but net!)  Finally, at the end of the party he had the girls dropping legos off the front deck onto the driveway below!

Allen also planned an elaborate scavenger hunt.  This has become a staple at each party and non-party.  If there is a girlie birthday, there is a scavenger hunt.  At the end of the hunt we had a special set of girlie legos for each girl to build.  We weren’t sure if any of these girls had legos of their own so we wanted to give them a little appetizer.  Basically we are providing the start for their obsession.  Those parents can thank me later!

These girls all knew how much Ellie loves Legos so they all gave her gifts on that theme.  I thought we had ever Lego set known to man, but apparently not because Ellie didn’t get any sets she already had.  ‘Other Elle’ (that’s what we call one of my Ellie’s good friends) even went so far as stenciling a T-shirt with a lego block and making a lego bead bracelet.  So clever!

One more non-party to plan for the year.  I can’t share any details because, unlike Mr. Fun, my kids DO read my blog!