Details Details

I usually claim that I am not detail oriented.  And I’m really not.  If I don’t write things down they slip.  If, when I’m sewing or making some sort of craft and it’s not perfect.  Eh!  No big deal.

But sometimes I REALLY like to focus on details.  Like when I’m throwing a party.  Details are what make other people feel special to be there.  So that was my job for Ellie’s party.   Allen’s is to be the fun guy and keep the party moving, mine is to think of the details.

Yes, those are fondant lego bricks.  I covered brownies with fondant, but I learned that it is much better to make that fondant paper thin.  So, while they tasted yummy it felt a bit like we were eating playdoh.

You’ve got to have gift bags…

The rest of the table.  It was definitely a girlie lego party!

How many are there?  (242!)

I did all of this while she was out to lunch with Allen.  I’m pretty sure she liked it!

My computer is on the fritz so posts will be lean this week.  Stay tuned for the actual party…