Monthly Archives: June 2012

Snow and Sandals Guy? You’re One of Us!

I know I’ve referenced these Pemco commercials before but this one is just appropriate.  Jill suggested this blogView full post »


These boys are big baseball fans, but when I named this blog post ‘Dodgers’ I was actually referring toView full post »

Marathon Movie Day

Last Wednesday was our second annual Movie Marathon Day.  I love this day because it’s an easy way to slip intoView full post »

Time Marches On

On Monday Ellie officially graduated from elementary school.  What a milestone!  She is nothing but excited for middleView full post »

Screwy Week

Just a heads up that blog posts are going to be screwy this week.  We’ve got the last two days of school and theView full post »

Missy Kate

This girlie has a very busy social schedule.  In between trips to Hawaii and California and the mid west we were ableView full post »


Are you already doing the Summer Shuffle?  We have a long list of summer activities planned out but now they areView full post »


‘Bored’ is a bad word in our house.  Usually I send the kids off to clean the laundry room if I hear itView full post »

Go Big or Go Home

Generally when folks ask me to shoot large extended families I run the other direction.  It’s hard gettingView full post »

Warms My Heart

On the day before their photoshoot I got a message from Kelli “Ronan this morning: “Mommy, what are we doingView full post »


Duck!  That’s what Kate said to do. She said her big Lacrosse tip of the day is to duck when you see a ballView full post »

It’s All a Little Fuzzy

Last week I read a little tutorial on Instagram pointing out the tilt shift feature. I’m not one to push all theView full post »