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It’s not good to start out the school year cheating, but that’s exactly what I did.  I took these picturesView full post »

Summer Fun

Tomorrow school starts which officially signals the end of summer in our house.  Don’t get me wrong, I will notView full post »

Cake Pops

One of my favorite Pinterest projects from this summer was Cake Pops.  These little gems are moist and cute and yummyView full post »

It was a breeze!

Part of the wedding weekend included a sleepover with Jack and Henry.  Joelle and Stephen had tickets to the PhishView full post »

‘They are so lovely’

‘They are so lovely’ was what Jill exclaimed right after my cousin Ryan and his new bride Bre had theirView full post »


Look at the chubby cheeks on little man Kyler.  It took all my supreme powers to not just kiss him all up one side andView full post »


When I first saw Jenay and Riley I noticed right away that they had similar adorable shoes.  Stacey, their Mom, justView full post »

I’m just old

Last Wednesday was Jill’s shopping night and it highlighted just how old I am. We started our trip at HollisterView full post »

Busy Busy Busy

It’s been super busy around here.  The fist week in August I had four photo sessions mid week.  I hardly everView full post »


Ellie has been asking for a new umbrella for six months. Her last one had died and untimely death and she was reallyView full post »

On location

I don’t go on location to shoot family pictures very often.  Mostly because I set my appointments back to back,View full post »


I could have easily called this blog post Speechless.  I just can’t figure out what to say about these images.  View full post »

Go Big AND Go Home

This family came to see me in May looking for a big canvas to put above their fire place.  Since I didn’t knowView full post »

It’s all in the interpretation

Two weeks ago we spent the week at vacation bible school (VBS).  By we I mean that Ellie and Kate were campers, JillView full post »

The Non Shopper

Last Wednesday we started our annual trek to the malls to outfit the girls for the fall.  The girls always look forwardView full post »