Monthly Archives: March 2011

I’m a geek

See the orange loveliness above?  Do you know what it is?  That is the cover for my new iPad2.  It arrived 6 daysView full post »

Drama Queen

I can’t believe I totally forgot to mention a huge event in Jill’s life.  Way back in October Jill triedView full post »


(Link) View more Fast Food Sound Clips and Quiznos Sub Sound Clips This is the sound Miss Hazel made, a lot, during ourView full post »

Lost Tooth

Last week Kate lost her first tooth.  She has been waiting forever and suffering through all of the math problems thatView full post »

And…we are recording

Last week we were treated to Ellie’s recorder concert.  Every year the fourth graders at our school learn to playView full post »

For You photographer types

It’s amazing how creative you become when you really want to ‘get that shot’!  Like I said in MondayView full post »


Usually, by this time of the year I am sighing with exhaustion because I am so glad the birthday crazies are done.  View full post »

Monkey is Seven

Remember how I said I was putting Kate’s pictures off last week because the weather was terrible?  I woke upView full post »

It’s Here!

Today is Kate’s birthday.  I would love to show you some beautiful birthday pictures of her but I just don’View full post »


Anybody interested in coming for some post spring break fun?  I’ve had a lot of requests for photo sessions rightView full post »

Ski Trip

Sorry for posting this so late today.  Kate is home sick with me today.  I don’t know if it is because sheView full post »

Healthy Paws

After Ellie’s birthday (see here) we gave Cooper the toys that helped decorate the table.  I suspect that one ofView full post »

Happy Anniversary!

Annie and Scott scheduled this photo session in honor of their 10 year anniversary.  She also recently lost 20 poundsView full post »

The evolution of the snow man

Last week we got a dumping of snow.  I know you East Coast folks think our measly 3-6 inches is nothing, but when youView full post »