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Is this Mexico?

That is what Mr. Kiefer asked right as we started our photo session.  I can understand his confusion what with it beingView full post »


You know how when you pass a car accident you can’t take your eyes off it?  You are looking at something scaryView full post »

Jack is Three!

How did this blog post slip by me?  Jack turned three six weeks ago and I’m just sharing these pictures now?  View full post »


Not only was Saturday Ellie’s birthday, but we hosted her birthday party too.  She decided she wanted a dog themeView full post »

Ellie’s Birthday Excitement

That title was furnished by Kate.  It is very exciting around here today.  Not only is today Ellie’s actualView full post »

Lesson 6 – Software

Now that you all know how to get your exposure right, and choose your background, and hold your camera correctly yourView full post »

Under Control

Allen and I have been talking about intalling internet parental controls for awhile.  Ellie’s new purchase wasView full post »

Touch times two

Ellie did it.  Ellie saved enough money to buy herself an iTouch.  Ellie is known more for her impulsive shopping thanView full post »

Lesson 5 – Backgrounds

The following pictures are examples I found on the internet.  Not that I don’t make these mistakes myself, it&#View full post »

all wet

Barbara emailed me on Tuesday to book a photo session on Saturday.  (This is the time of year to do that!)  It wasView full post »

Mr. Smiley

Austin won me over with his smile first thing.  I remember those big blue eyes and that happy smile from his last photoView full post »

Lesson 4 – Camera Shake

For those of you that don’t know my story let me share that for the first 8 years I was in business I had no ideaView full post »

Yo Baby

That’s is Miss Penelope’s nick name.  Her sister Eloise is the giver of such names and Mark and Sabath arenView full post »

Ice Blue + Ebony Brown

Makes a rainbow of hazel.  Mark’s recessive ice blue eyes do not appear to be represented in his four daughters,View full post »