Monthly Archives: January 2011


Mr. Luke turns three this month.  I had a great time hanging out with him while his mom Rebecca was feeding his newView full post »

Lesson 3 – The Rule of Thirds

This week we taught the gang about the Rule of Thirds.  I have to admit that I really don’t know what the Rule ofView full post »

Jack’s Day Out

Last weekend we also helped our nephew Jack celebrate his birthday.  I’ve just been waiting for those little guysView full post »

There’s an App for that

Last Friday we hosted Jill’s birthday party.  Normally she has just one friend for a special evening because sheView full post »

Lesson 2- Exposure

Given that most of the other lessons refer to parts of the exposure triangle we decided to jump right in to thisView full post »

Bad Mommy

I can’t believe I did this, but I am actually gone this morning.  On my oldest baby’s birthday I am offView full post »

Lesson 1

On Wednesday I started a new venture for me.  I am teaching 10 3rd-5th graders all I know about digital photography.  View full post »

It’s a Small World After All

That title was all part of my plot to get that catchy little tune stuck in your head for the day.  Did it work? SomeView full post »

Happy Birthday to Reisha!

To celebrate her birthday, Reish brought her family in for pictures.  She is the third client in the last three monthsView full post »

Enebo Family Adventures

I am going to continue to take some time off from blogging but I am going to leave you with my favorite family picturesView full post »


Last Thursday we took the girls skiing for the morning.  We have annual passes for the mountain and we only live 45View full post »