Yearly Archives: 2011

Christmas Fun

This was Harry Potter’s year.  Yes, two of the three girls asked for Legos from Santa.  But they have hardlyView full post »

The Project

Last week we decided we needed a project.  Okay, ‘I’ decided that we needed a project.  So I suggested toView full post »

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!  I thought I’d share a few pictures from our Santa adventure.  Normally we see the bigView full post »

Just TRY to put a star on top!

I posted this picture on Facebook the other day and asked for captions.  There were some really funny ones but I thinkView full post »


I love sisters.  I am one, I have one and I’m raising three.  That’s why I can’t believe I’veView full post »

The Scarlet Lolly

Ellie’s soccer season was fantastic this year.  The girls have come so far together.  Not that the spectatorsView full post »


Such a fun word to say and such a fun thing to make.  As happens every year, I decided I needed to make something newView full post »


I am done.  I have finished up all client pictures and orders for the year.  We have hosted our annual Enebo HolidayView full post »

Big Bad Kitty

It has been so busy that I don’t think I’ve had a chance to share anything about our interloper, Kitty.  AView full post »

Take 2

This is the Annual Tree Hunt take 2.  On this trip Allen, the girls and I were just along for the fun.  We already hadView full post »

The beginning and the end

Strange title, eh?  These guys mark the end of my shooting season for 2011.  Whew!  It is always a sprint to the endView full post »

Cobbler’s kids

Just like the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, I never seem to have a camera with me when I am just hanging out withView full post »

It’s all about the boots

Normally I finish shooting clients before Thanksgiving because of timing issues, but also because of the weather.  ButView full post »

Old Friends

We see Shawn and Whitney all the time but I haven’t SEEN them for pictures for a few years.  That’s why,View full post »

Lucky Me

I’ve been photographing this family for a few years now but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get to seeView full post »