Monthly Archives: September 2009

Careful What You Ask For!

I did two photo sessions last weekend that had two boys in each family.  Normally I joke around with the kids while IView full post »

Easy Peasy

I always allow at least an hour for my sessions.  Sometime kids need that much time to warm up or pull themselvesView full post »

Changes Are A Comin’

The hamsters that be have been furiously running around their wheels making all sorts of changes to my business.  I&#View full post »

In My Dreams

“Nice Photo!”  “Click”  “That looks great!” These are the words that seeped intoView full post »

Little Monster

Actually, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Little Keaton was perfectly happy to have his pictureView full post »

Don’t Say It!

Normally I like to see my newborns by the time they are 10-14 days old.  That way I am almost guaranteed to get thoseView full post »

Sark for Prez.

I almost left the text part of this post blank.  Our beloved Huskies left me speechless after they took down theView full post »

This Kid Cracks Me Up!

Jocelyn and Chris are old friends of mine from college, but we only get the chance to get together maybe once a year. View full post »

Fabulous Fifteen

Today Allen and I have been married for fifteen fabulous years.  That’s three kids, two dogs, four houses,View full post »

A Man on the Move

The last time I photographed Dylan he was a mere babe, less than three months old.  Now this little man has places toView full post »


Our good friends Scott and Sally just moved back home after being in Africa for a year.  They had some amazingView full post »

The Moves

Mr. Charlie has got the moves, but he’s got to be sure you are worth it before he trots them out.  While I wasView full post »

Finally Her Turn

Kate started soccer last Friday night and she could not have been happier.  She spent the whole hour zooming round theView full post »

Little Turtle

Last weekend I talked Joelle into bringing little Henry over to our house for pictures.  I hadn’t had a chance toView full post »

She Knows Herself Well

One of Jill’s first assignments was to write a poem about herself.  When she read it outloud to me she had me inView full post »