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    I began photographing children in black and white in 2000, shortly before the birth of my second daughter.

    Since that time, I have upgraded my equipment, refined my technique, and picked up some new tricks for working with children – but my style hasn’t changed. I like to take pictures that are natural, unposed, and informal. I focus on faces and tend to shoot close-ups. My goal is to capture the little things that represent who the child is in this moment, to bring back memories of a silly face, a fit of the giggles, a particular facial expression or hand position, or a spontaneous hug between siblings.

    I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life. I currently live in Issaquah with my husband and our three daughters, who keep me on my toes and give me lots of opportunities to try out new photography ideas!

    Thank you for your interest.

A Trooper

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-1

Every so often I run into a problem during a photo session.  I think the worst one was when one poor Dad sat in a big pile of doggy doo.  (Sorry Jeff!)  Thank goodness he was such a good sport and that the session was almost over.

Last week I had a session with Troy and Leah and we ran into something worse.  I had Leah up on a log and I asked Troy to jump in there too.  Before he could hop up there he stepped into a patch of stinging nettles.  That is no fun!  It toks us a bit to figure out what had happened but the tell tale white bumps appeared soon enough.  He was a total trooper about it but I felt horrible.  (This was the third session that week that I’d used that same log.  Eek!)

Thank goodness he forgave me and allowed me to woo him back to playing in the creek that afternoon.  Their Mom, Cindy, and I went to college together so it was fun to spend the afternoon chatting while our kids cooled off in the creek.

Here are my favorite pictures…

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-3Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-6Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-2Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-4Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-5Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah VlpKids-7

Book Reviews

Book Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve written up a book review and I’ve had a few people asking what I’ve been reading.  It feels like I’ve hardly read anything but when I look back at all the titles I guess I have!  I am going to share the Young Adult books I’ve read and what we thought of them.  None of these books have any gratuitous sex scenes or scenes where the main character ends up stinking drunk.  I am not sure why those types of scenes are so prevalent in Young Adult Literature but I don’t want my girls diving into that.  (If you don’t have time to read all these blurbs then skip to Ready Player One.  So good!)

Let’s jump right in:

-Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.  This was a fun book by the author of Eleanor and Park (also a good book!).  It follows the story of Lincoln O’Neill and his new job as internet security officer for a London newspaper.  Part of his job requirements are to read system flagged emails to make sure employees aren’t abusing the email system.  In particular, Lincoln enjoys reading the hilarious emails between Beth and Jennifer.  He even falls in love Beth as he sees her personality develop.  This book is perfect mind candy for a hot summer afternoon but it does feel more adult than the rest of the books.

-Being Henry David by Cal Armistad.  I’d seen this one pop up for me numerous times on Good Reads but I’d ignored the suggestion until recently.  I’m so glad I finally picked it up.  It is about a boy who finds himself in Grand Central Station with absolutely no memory of how he got there or who he, himself, was.  The only clue he had about himself was that he was carrying the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  Slowly Henry’s memory returns and with it the grim reminder of a tragic accident.  This is a good read for boys and girls and middle aged moms too!

-Guitar Notes by Mary Amato.  I read this one quickly over spring break and then my girls picked it up too.  It’s an interesting story of two completely different people who share a music practice room on alternate days.  Communication between  Lyla and Tripp starts with snippy notes going back and forth and ends up blossoming into a cute friendship and sweet romance.  Of course there is a tragic turn towards the end but this book has a satisfying ending.  Another mind candy type book perfect for the beach.

-The Rosie Project  by Graem Stimson.  Technically this is not a Young Adult book and there is a bit of content that might be a little bit uncomfortable, but the main character is so socially inept that it is hard not to laugh.  Jill and I adored this book.  If you are a fan of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory then you will love the main character Don.  He does not think he has Aspergers but all signs point to a big yes.  Don has designed a test/quiz to find himself the perfect wife.  During this quest he meets Rosie and while she does not meet his standards for a wife he decides to help  HER with her own project, finding her biological Dad.  These two characters could not me more opposite in nature and that is what makes the story so endearing. I’d love to see this turned into a movie!

-Counting by 7′s by Holly Goldberg Sloan.  Speaking of Aspergers, I think the main character of this book, Willow, also suffers from the same affliction.  When her adoptive parents are tragically killed in a car accident she is taken care of by some unlikely characters.  She also does a lot of the care taking too.  I enjoyed seeing how her mind worked and rooting for this young girl.

I saved the best for last here!

-Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  I just finished reading this book out loud to my kids on Monday.  We could hardly put it down.  (At one point I read out loud for two hours straight!)  This book is set way in the future where the real world society was crumbling but a virtual world/game was an escape for the main character Wade.  Shortly before he dies, the game’s creator sets off a huge scavenger hunt in the game.  The winner becomes the game creator’s sole heir and gains control of the whole virtual world.  There was plenty of action and suspense in this book and the part I loved best were all of the 1980′s references.  The game creator grew up in the 80′s and used all sorts of pop culture references in his clues.  Atari, Max Headroom, War Games, Monty Python, Rush, etc., they all make appearances.  My description really can’t do it justice but the book was awesome.  We just found out that this book is preproduction for a movie.  Can’t wait!  (Please note that there is a lot of bad language in this book.  Do you know how hard it is to read out loud and change those words on the fly?  Let’s just say that my record wasn’t perfect!)

Amazingly most of these books have a boy as the main character, but if you are looking for a home run for your son to read then grab Ready Player One.

Is Young Adult the only type of book I read?  Nope!  I’ve read a lot of regular books too.  Me Before You (Jojo Moyes), The Expats (Chris Payone), Crazy Rich Asians (Kevin Kwan) and the Boys In The Boat (Daniel James Brown) are just a few of my favorites.

Leave a comment if you think I have missed some good ones.  I’m always looking for a good book!


Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-4

Take a guess as to who the sisters are in this picture.  Ha!  Don’t Lucille and Mary look alike?   In all the years I have been photographing Lucille and Emily I have never met Mary.  I am thrilled that I got to this year.  I’m also thrilled that she was willing to jump in a few pictures with all the girls.

I have been photographing Emily for many years and I was worried that it would not work out for us this year but it did and I am honored to continue to document this lovely girl and her relationship with her mom.  So precious!

Here are my favorites…

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-1Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-2Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-3Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-5Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah EmAm-6

Summer…So Far

It seems like it always takes awhile for summer to get rolling.  We like a nice schedule so it takes a bit to get into the new routine of no routine.  We are into it now though.  Lots of hikes, lots of time in the creek and now the girls are starting to roll into their camps.

Rather than waiting until the end of the summer to update our adventures I thought I’d share a bit along the way.  Here is the first installment…

We started the summer with our annual movie day.  It started out rocky because I asked Madison (Jill’s friend) to bring the first Star Wars to start the day.  I meant the REAL first Star Wars, but apparently that is now Star Wars IV (huh?) so Madison naturally brought Star Wars I, the first prequel.  But our neighbor saved the day and we continued on.  We also watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Lego Movie and Batman (with Michael Keaton).  Good stuff!


We also had a great time following the success of the US Men’s soccer team in the World Cup.  What a pleasant surprise that we were so competitive!  We watched the last game with our good friends and Judith provided some excellent USA snacks.  Red Vines, Popcorn and blue Gatorade.  This was Ellie’s interpretation of our flag, a la snacks.



For the Fourth of July we went to my parent’s new condo in Kirkland and enjoyed the parade.  The kids walked in the kid portion of the parade and then we went up to their deck to watch the rest of the floats.  Such fun.  We ended our evening hanging out with our neighbors.  Just what we wanted to do!



We’ve had plenty of creek time too.  This is cheap thrills for us.  I go set up my beach chair and watch the kids splashing back and forth over the small rapids.  They have a great time and so does Cooper!



We have also gone on a lot of hikes.  Allen and I have dragged the girls on a few hikes on our own but we’ve found that if we bring other knuckleheads with us there is way less complaining.  That’s a win all the way around!




Last, but definitely not least, Jill and I hiked up to Poo Poo Point this week.  For those of you not familiar with this hike it is only 1.8 miles up (3.6 miles round trip) but the elevation gain is 1700 ft.  So basically it is straight up the side of a mountain.  Not much fun if you ask me but the sense of accomplishment and the view made it worth it!  This is what typical Poo Poo Point picture looks like because you can see the eager face of the intrepid hiker and the awesome view.


Being the artsy gals we are, though, Jill and I prefer these pictures.  They were Jill’s idea and I LOVE them!  (For you photographer types we simply stood in the dark shade of the tree to the left.  Since it was brilliantly sunny outside the camera picked us up as silhouettes.)



We are quickly moving into the busy part of summer so stay tuned for more adventures.

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-7

Sometimes, in business, you have to just fly by the seat of your pants.  Things might not go as planned and you just have to roll with it.

A couple of weeks ago I had our biannual photo session with Kelli all scheduled.  She was excited to see my new studio and I was thrilled to share it with her!  I decided to go early just to make sure the studio was set up exactly how I wanted it.  Good thing I did.

The Rock and Roll Marathon was happening on that day.  Going early gave me plenty of time to try to get to my studio from three different angle.  No go.  There were roads closed all over the place for the runners I could not get within three blocks of my studio.  Even if we had parked on the other side of the closed streets would would have had to play Frogger to get across all the runners to get to my studio.

I quickly called Kelli and we made a new plan.  I have not been to the Arboretum for years (since college maybe?) but we made a plan to meet there.  It’s always a scary prospect to photograph a client at a location you have not seen before, but I have been taking pictures of these kids since before they were born.  (Yes, it is possible!) They were willing to roll with it too and we had a great time.  So much fun, in fact, that I am going back there with my own kids sometime this summer!

Here are my favorites…

Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-1Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-4Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-5Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-8Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-10Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-2Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-3Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-6Family Michelle Enebo Photography Seattle Issaquah DhKids-9